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If you want to have the most charming excursion in the world, if you want to spend your day exclusively on the Amalfi coast, our full day tour takes you to the towns of Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano and Ravello.
Amalfi coast day tour is your best choice if you want to discover the enchanting Amalfi coast. You can start from Naples, from sorrento or from Rome (Amalfi Coast tours from Naples, Amalfi Coast Tours from Rome, Amalfi Coast Tour from Sorrento).
One of our professional drivers , english speaking ,will meet you in Naples, at your Hotel , train stop or airport and start the famous tours of Amalfi coast drive by nice car or van, air conditioned.
Our driver will show and explains you all that you are seeing, stop for pictures and to admire the breathtaking scenaries.

Amalfi Coast day tour map
Before Amalfi Coast tour from Sorrento, he will drive you in Sorrento, a town overlooking the sea, bustling port, picturesque bays and panoramic views of Amalfi coast and surrondings hills.
The visit of the city can start from the heart of the historic center, the important Tasso square, dedicated to the great poet, author of the Liberated Jerusalem, which was born in Sorrento in 1544. The square opens towards Corso Italia: the long street characterized by the presence of numerous boutiques, as well as bars and ice-cream parlors. Next to the square there is the Museo Correale , its collection includes watches, Italian and foreign porcelains and archaeological finds referring to the ancient origin of the city.
Sorrento possesses a high-quality handicraft business: its lace and its wooden tarsies are famous, and can be found in the characteristic workshops and shops in the historic center. Very famous are the church of San Francesco d’Assisi, and the Basilica of Sant’Antonino.
You can have lunch in one of the typical restaurant of Sorrento and taste delicies like mozzarella, home made pasta, spaghetti with tomato, the Sorrento Baby (sweet caciocavallo) and traditional dishes, such as cannelloni with ricotta and gnocchi at sorrentina. Finally drink the best liqueur of the coast “ LIMONCELLO” and nocino produced with the famous nuts of the place.
Positano is represented by the myriad of small streets and narrow streets that intersect for the village, creating a labyrinthic and quite evocative path that develops vertically. The center of the village is around Piazza Flavio Gioia with the church dedicated to St. Mary of Assumption, on which stands the majolica dome. In the latter, among other things, you can also admire mosaic sculptures and fairly colorful, contemporary with a great visual impact, by the artist Mimmo Paladino. After starts the Amalfi Coast tour from Sorrento.
Positano is very famous for fashion. For this reason, along the maze of narrow streets it is very easy to come across many boutiques and tapestries that sell the original creations of the Moda Mare Positano line. We are talking about dresses, kaftans, coveralls, ornaments decorated with stones, with typical corals, turquoise and pearls. Their colors and their fabrics enliven the whole village.
At this point, Amalfi Coast Tours can also suggest you to take a stroll along Via Fornillo, the narrow, scenic little road that runs along the coast, and leads to a small bay where swimmers can indulge in a lonely dive. After spending a day in the sun, you can also dine with a typical and tasty fruit granite in one of the many bars in the place with a terrace. In the evening it is almost obligatory to conclude your unforgettable day with a sea-view dinner, based on fresh fish, preferably enjoying the famous crazy waterbuddies, which represent one of the many typical local dishes.

amalfi coast day tour

Amalfi is one of the four Maritime Republics ,It is is the main town of this coast road , it is a lovely town overlooking the Gulf of Naples. Along with Positano, they are known all over the world as real pearls of beauty. An ancient legend tells it was founded by Hercules, Jupiter’s son, for the love of the woman who had kidnapped his heart and had blue eyes like the sea she watched. The maiden was called Amalfi, but her life was short and Hercules buried her in a place where the sea would roll her into her hug forever.
It is a very small town, so the tour can be made easy also on foot , here you will have some time to stroll by the town. Arriving in Amalfi the first thing to see is the historic center with its vibrant and colorful Piazza Duomo. Always in the square there is the wonderful Cathedral, which overlooks the sea. You will visit the majestic Duomo that, with its infinite staircase and its Arab-Sicilian style, can only charm you. On the left side there is the wonderful Cloister of Paradise. At this point you can enjoy, besides an unreal sense of peace, even of refreshing refreshment. After the visit to the Duomo, you will go through the little streets of the town where the perfume of lemons pervades the nostrils. With a lot of calm and tranquility, you walk through the small white houses set in the rocky cliffs. We continue our excursion to Piazza Municipio, where is located the commune,Inside there are the ancient Amalfi coins and the traditional costumes worn during the Historical Regatta.
Your visit continues, and the destination is now the Rione Vagliendola, where you can admire the Church of San Biagio with its small Byzantine bell tower. Then we reach Piazza del Santo Spirito, where the Valley of the Mulini begins, since the Middle Ages, of old paper mills.
Ravello, in tours of Amalfi coast, is a tourist destination for intellectuals, artists and musicians. In fact, in Ravello, every year, the International Music Festival is held, in honor of the great Wagner.
Ravello has intense cultural activity. Exhibitions, concerts, international events are hosted in extraordinary scenarios such as the Auditorium Niemeyer and Villa Rufolo. The latter, also known as “soul garden”, stands on two levels. From the decisively Victorian air, three stages are distinguished: Historical, Medieval and Romantic. The gardens, in 1880, enchanted the great Wagner and inspired him in the composition of Parsifal. The Cimbrone villa gardens are incredibly beautiful and contain the “most beautiful flowers you can imagine”.
The terrace on the Infinity of Ravello ,another of the jewels of Ravello. A 400-meter suspended terrace allows you to enjoy an incredible view of both the mountain and the sea. One of the best viewpoints of the entire Coast and a great excuse to visit the neighboring Villa Cimbrone. The view covers from the Cilento coast to the beginning of the Amalfi Coast.The infinity pool, the most important pool is in Ravello at The Caruso Hotel .
On the Amalfi coast there is a selection of shops to keep ceramic lovers content.
All the colors of the Amalfi Coast, the deep blue of the sea, the bright green of the woods, the golden orange of the citrus, are painted on the ceramics produced since 1600 . If you are looking for something special for yourself or gifts for others is a lovely way to remember the vivid hues of the Amalfi Coast. Remember, Amalfi Coast Tours, Amalfi Coast Tours from Naples , Amalfi Coast Tour from Sorrento, Amalfi Coast Tours from Rome  and Amalfi Coast day Tour. 

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